Auto Residents

While each Carriage Clubhouse member has their special interest, from brass-era to modern racing cars, everyone here is a “car guy or girl” at heart.  Our members have created a unique showcase of the full spectrum of automobiles, spanning many generations of makes and models.  The Carriage Clubhouse is proud of this unique environment, and fully embraces each new motor resident as a new work of art to the Carriage Clubhouse collection.

This section of our web site is where we store a selection of full-sized, high resolution photos of some of the vehicles that sleep at the Carriage Clubhouse. This growing gallery of photos also contains a library of photos taken by our staff at some of the world’s most prestigious car shows.

Check back often to see new additions.

SPOTLIGHT: 1936 Cord

More than seven decades have passed since the Cord first debuted, and the innovation that began with the vehicle is still respected by automobile enthusiasts and virgin onlookers alike. Still recognized as a “Classic of Classics,” the Cord earned its respect with a timeless design that featured a smoothly formed coffin-nose hood, striking wraparound horizontal louvers in the place of a radiator, minimal trim, pontoon fenders, and racy exposed exhaust pipes (on blown models). Other industry firsts included concealed headlamps which flipped up on-demand using manual cranks, a unit-body construction, front-opening hood, separate license-plate light, full wheel covers, and a concealed gas cap. The interior boasted a turned-metal dash awash in needle gauges and a ceiling-mounted radio speaker.


The appropriately named Smart Fortwo is a vision realized by SMH (makers of Swatch brand of watches) CEO, Nicolas Hayek and Fortune 500 company Daimler-Benz AG, maker of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Originally named the “Swatchmobile,” by the marketing manager who spearheaded the original Swatch campaigns in the mid-1980s, Daimler-Benz pushed for a more neutral name that would keep the vehicle from being so closely associated with one side of the business. Both parties eventually settled on Smart, an acronym that stands for Swatch Mercedes Art.

Today, the Smart car holds true to its namesake by offering intelligent, affordable, efficient transportation to urban dwellers who want to make less of a carbon footprint. The Smart Fortwo is the most fuel efficient gasoline-engined car for sale in the U.S. and received a five star rating for the driver for a side impact, proving that its compact size does not compromise safety.