About Us

There is currently a huge void in the car storage market between luxury, concierge-staffed, valet park facilities with limited access given to its members vs. the dusty, cramped, dimly lit storage barns with no security.

The Carriage Clubhouse was founded by an auto enthusiast who wanted to fill this void and create a better solution to store his collection of cars. Based on his expectations of what a car storage facility should be, The Carriage Clubhouse was born. The newly-expanded 48,000 square foot space offers a highly secure, clean, bright, and feature-rich home for members’ cars with 24-hour access, at a fraction of the cost of most traditional storage units.

Nicknamed “the home away from home for the car enthusiast,” The Carriage Clubhouse members are what truly sets us apart from other facilities.  On any given Sunday, members are quick to lend a hand on the auto issue or topic of the day.

By truly understanding the mindset of fellow car enthusiasts and soliciting the advice of members, the facility has grown into an ideal setting for car collectors to house their collection.